Extra courses and tutoring of languages

Do you know that more than 50 extra courses and prep courses  are organized under the Sunny Canadian roof every week? Thanks to them our pupils develop their talents, interests, and  creativity from a very young age, and at the same time they learn how to spend their free time in an active way. Pupils and students can fullfil themselves in a number of activities that they enjoy and like.  They can choose from sports, musical or artistic clubs. The extra courses are taught in
English or Czech, by our teachers or external lecturers.

There are also preparatory courses for Cambridge language exams PET, FCE, CAE and CPE, preparatory courses for German and French exams organized at Sunny Canadian. 

Parents don't have to transport their children anywhere, as the extra course either start right after school  or children are picked up by their tutors and coaches from the afternoon clubs at the appropriate time.

Šárka Matulová  - Extra Courses and Sport Coordinator KG, ES, HS

Tel. +420 731 412 030

Email: matulova@sunnycanadian.cz

Extra courses for Kindergarten (Velikost: 59.98 kB)

Extra courses for Elementary School (Velikost: 53.42 kB)

Tutoring and Extra Languages for ES and HS (Velikost: 60.87 kB)

Registration ES (Velikost: neznámá)

Registration for Kindergarden (Velikost: 277.79 kB)