School counseling center

The school counseling center provides its services mainly according to the Decree of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic No. 72/2005, 73/2005, and 197/2016.

Consultancy services are generally provided at the request of pupils, their legal representatives, schools or school facilities or at the discretion of the public authority. The provision of psychological or special pedagogical counseling service is a prerequisite for the provision of information to a pupil or his / her legal guardian regarding all the essential requirements provided by the counseling services, in particular on the nature, scope, duration, goals and procedures of the counseling services, the benefits that can be expected, any foreseeable consequences that may result from the provision of the advisory service, and the possible consequences if this service is not provided, the rights and obligations of the applicant related to the provision of counseling services, including the right to request re-provision of the counseling service at any time. An essential condition for the provision of psychological or special pedagogical counseling services is the written consent of the pupil or his / her legal guardian.

In the provision of counseling services, the school respects the purpose of the counseling services and the ethical principles of providing them. Information and confidential data about pupils and their parents who are advised by counselors in connection with the performance of their counseling activities are protected in accordance with Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data and on Amendments to Certain Acts, as amended.

At school, counseling services are provided to the extent appropriate to the number and educational needs of school pupils. The advisory activity focuses mainly on:

  • provision of support measures for pupils with special educational needs, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of selected support measure prevention of school failure,
  • career counseling linking educational, informational and counseling support to the appropriate choice of an educational path and a later professional career,
  • promoting the education and social inclusion of pupils from a different cultural environment and with different living conditions,
  • support for the education of gifted and exceptionally gifted pupils,
  • continuous and long-term care for pupils with educational or educational difficulties and the creation of a favorable social climate for accepting cultural and other differences in school and school facilities,
  • early intervention in current problems for individual pupils and class groups,
  • prevention of all forms of risk behavior, including various forms of bullying and discrimination,
  • continuous evaluation of the effectiveness of preventive programs carried out by the school,
  • methodological support for teachers in the use of psychological and special pedagogical practices in the educational activities of the school,
  • cooperation and communication between the school and legal representatives,
  • school cooperation in the provision of counseling services with school counseling facilities.

Composition of the counseling center

Mgr. Petra Dvořáková

Special Teacher


Pavlína Havránková

School Counseling Team Assistant


Mgr. Michaela Holubová

Career Counselor and ES and High School teacher


Mgr. Teresa Karasová

Educational Advisor, Preventionist