Sunny Canadian International School provides an exciting education in both the Czech and English language from kindergarten to high school and it is located directly south of Prague in Jesenice, Osnice with a bus connection from Metro C, Opatov in order to make it very convenient to get there. This bi-lingual style of education provides a special way for students to be able to study in both languages and is provided by only a few schools in the Czech Republic. We create a very stimulating environment that enhances the intellectual, emotional, social and physical development of each child's personality through the expertise of a well-qualified pedagogical team of Czech and English-speaking native speakers who motivate and support the children to provide the best results. Because of this, based on the recent results of the SCIO testing for our current 9th graders, the school includes 10% of the best students around in Mathematics and in Czech. After leaving the school, the students will be equipped with the Czech Maturita and 3 British A levels in order to open door for students to study at universities in either the Czech Republic or abroad.