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Have a look at our  two beautiful dining rooms, where our kitchen team prepares snacks and three lunch options for pupils and teachers every day. Everything is made fresh daily, we use very high quality ingredients from carefully selected suppliers and local farmers.

Large dining room Small dining room


(morning and afternoon) take place in buffet style with a wide range of quality ingredients, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, several types of pastries and school prepared spreads.


consists of soup and a choice of 3 dishes

  1. Meat dish
  2. Vegetarian dish
  3. Large salad

Very often we organize thematic days, during which we introduce students to traditional dishes from different countries: French Day, Asian Day, Italian Day, etc. Pupils and teachers also love the very popular seasonal thematic days, such as Strawberry Day, Asparagus Day and more.

We try to ensure that your child eats according to your requirements during the day. Our dining room cooperates with a company that offers parents the opportunity to order food according to the individual health requirements of the student. If weather allows the students can eat outside, on the terrace.

Birthday cake - please bring cake only from producers who have permission in food products (restaurants, pastryshop, catering...) and with copy of receipt - NOT BAKED AT HOME


Pupils are grouped according to the age they reach during the school year according to Decree 107/2005 Code.


  Group Lunch 1st and 2nd Snack 3rd Snack
I. under 6 years CZK 48 CZK 30 CZK 26
II. 7-10 years CZK 61 CZK 38 CZK 29

Paid in advance at the beginning of each semester, at the end the remainder is reimbursed.

  • CZK 9.900 deposit/semester
  • CZK 2.000 deposit/semester 3rd snack

Elementary School and High School

  Group Lunch 1st and 2nd Snack 3rd Snack
II. 7-10 years CZK 61 CZK 38 CZK 29
III. 11-14 years CZK 63 CZK 43 CZK 30
IV. 15 years and older CZK 68 CZK 46 CZK 32

Paid in advance to 99829379/0800 at the beginning of each semester, at the end the remainder is reimbursed.

  • CZK 10.900 deposit/semester Elementary School First Stage
  • CZK 11.900 deposit/semester Elementary School Second Stage and High School
  • CZK 2.000 deposit/semester 3rd snack

Discrepancies in billed food during the current month can be reported to kuchyn@sunnycanadian.cz by the 10th day of the following month

Cancelation and changes of School Lunches and Snacks

Please note, that school meals for the period of your child‘s absence have to be cancelled  separately:

  • online: www.strava.cz by 2:00 p.m. of the previous working day
  • It is possible to change the type of food until Thursday 2:00 p.m. for the following week.
  • In case of sickness sent an e-mail message before 7:00 am to kuchyn@sunnycanadian.cz. Applies to Kindergarten children only.

Lenka Sapíková - Kitchen Manager

Tel: 734 570 280