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In our school kitchen, we try to prepare the most delicious dishes by using the highest quality ingredients from carefully selected suppliers.

All our snacks and lunches are from natural ingredients with no added preservatives or glutamate.

To enhance our beverage menu, children are also served apple juice in three flavors: apple/cherry, apple/pear, and apple/carrot at least twice a week.

At the snack buffet, students have a great choice of at least 3 different kinds of fruits and vegetables, every other day.

 The rest of the days students can choose from fresh spreads, 3 different pastries, cereal, musli, and milk.

Every day the snack buffet provides ham and a variety of cheeses such as camembert, etc.

Once a week we bake something sweet, such as gingerbread, sponge cuts, poppy, etc.

Children are always able to choose their own snack according to their taste.

Of course, we will always try to meet your wishes and the expectations of what your children should be eating during the day.


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