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Jizerka 6. - 7. Gr (except 7.A)

Jizerka reports arrival to the place :-)


Sázava 7.A

7.A is ready to go :-)


Jiřičná 2019 3.-4. Gr.

We made it and we are enjoying lunch.


Bedřichov 2019 1.-2.tř.

We arrived to Bedřichov at noon, accomodated and had a lunch. In few minutes wi will leave to a view tover Královka.


London 2019 5 Gr.

Weather is perfect and everyone enjoy the beauty of London.


Language, Career and Cultural Trip to Toronto

Hot news! All 30 students safely through the check in! :)


Graduation Ball Sunny Canadian 2019

Sunny Canadian danced Friday night at the Casino Ball. The evening was packed with a series of performances and pre-dances, graduation gowns, and a fun roulette game. Thanks for coming and thanks for having fun.


Easter baking course for children

The Easter baking course led by Lenka Sapíková is already a traditional event in Sunny. The course is designed for children from Grades 2 to 5. The price of the course is 600 CZK. Children will learn to bake several products and parents can look forward to these products decorating their festive Easter table this year. You can collect the registration form at the reception and the course date is 10.4.2019 this year. The meeting point will be at the school reception at 3:30 pm.


Visit of primary school students from Beijing

Today, our school was attended by a group of 20 students from three primary schools in Beijing: Hei Zhi Ma Primary School, Shi Jia Primary School and Xi Zhong Jie Primary School. The children were between 10 and 12 years old, attended classroom classes and played different games with their peers. Our students did it after school, and in return, Chinese children showed a traditional Chinese way of cooking and serving tea.


Spelling bee contest

Today was the Spelling Bee School Round. Pupils who did their best in the class rounds were competing today in the school round. Massive encouragement, applause, cheers, but also focused silence was accompanied by this year's competition, with Lauren Nicholas, Schlaichert Daniel, Dhallal Yasmine and Fitzpatrik Eliška among the top six.

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