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High School CIS 2019/2020

We accept students in the 1st and 2nd year of the four-year gymnasium of CIS.
Criteria for Admission to the 1st and 2nd Years of a (4-Year Study 79-41-K / 41) Secondary School

- Student grade point average in the current year recommended  to 1.85.


The admission procedure is as follows:

- taking an existing English language test using Cambridge International Examinations for English as a Second Language

- an interview with the headmaster of the school and a school psychologist where, on the basis of the assessment of the submitted documents and the result of the test, it will be determined whether the pupil is able to study at this school according to the Czech and Cambridge curriculum.

The terms of the admission process will be negotiated  with and alongside a representative for the secondary school. The process of recruiting new students will continue until the capacity of 25 students per grade is reached. 

We cordially invite you to the High School Open House. Individual visits, school tours and a trial day can be arranged at any time.



Acceptance Criteria April 2018

Admissions Criteria for the Canadian International School is as follows:


For the school year 2018/2019 Canadian International School will accept applicants who meet the conditions of the admission procedure, with a maximum of 25 pupils (one class) in the first year of education 79-41-K / 41 Gymnasium (4 years of general education study).


Th admission procedure is in accordance with Sections 59 to 61 of Act No. 561/2004 Coll., on pre-school, basic, secondary, higher vocational and other education including amendments by Decree of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports No. 671/2004 Coll.


Admission tests are held on the following  dates:

April 12th, 2018 at 8:15-1st round (Math and Czech Language) Strakova 522, 252 42 Jesenice-Osnice.

April 16th, 2018 at 8:15-2nd round (Math and Czech Language) at Strakova 522, 252 42 Jesenice-Osnice.

April 13th, 2018 at 8:15-1st round (English Language, interview with the school management and school psychologist)

April 17th, 2018 at 8:15-2nd round (English Language, interview with the school management and school psychologist)


The exams take place in written form. Math and Czech Language are state states. English Language test is done from the school. A B2 level in English will exempt you from this exam.


The recruitment process will be continued if necessary and will be closed when the capacity of the class has been reached. The term of admission tests can be arranged individually.


Admission examinations are held in written form from the Czech language, mathematics and natural sciences. The English language entrance exam will be based on the A2-B2 language level. The examinations are designed to identify not only the knowledge of the candidate but also his / her learning style, the ability to think logically and creativity.


Uniform eligibility criteria for admission to the first year of four-year-study:

(79-41-K/41) High school- general study daily 

Candidates will be recruited according to the number of points achieved in the admission procedure, which includes the entrance exam, and is as follows:


A) Grade point average in the elementary school as well as other contributing factors are as follows:

1) GPA in the elementary school in the 1st semester of grade 9:

  • passed with distinction (honor roll) – 5 points
  • passed with average to 1.80 – 3 points
  • passed with average to 2.00 – 0 points

A maximum of 5 points in total.

 2) Placing 3rd or higher in the district or higher rounds of the Olympiads and other competitions- maximum 3 points (certificate showing proof)

3) Copies of certificates showing success in national or international competition, or above-average results in official tests - maximum 2 points

The total maximum score for A) is 10.


B) The results of the admission test are taken by all applicants except those who meet the criteria of paragraph D, who only take an Math and Czech exam.

50 points for the Czech language exam. 
50 points for the Math exam
50 points for the English language test at B1-B2, which will consist of three parts (listening, reading (grammar).

The total maximum score for part B) is 150.


The total maximum score for part A and B) is 160.

In order for a student to succesfully pass the exam, they must achieve 70 points on the exams: 20 points from Czech Language, 20 points from Math and 30 points from English Language.


D) Candidiates can be exempt from the English language exam with an official copy of a certificatefrom an internationally recognised exam board, proving level B2. The certificate is worth 50 points.  

E) All applicants are ranked according to the number of points earned in total. In the case of a tie, the order will be determined based on the following:

  • Achievement on the English language test
  • Grade 9 GPA
  • Grade 8 GPA


F) Accommodation is given for applicants who have special needs. Modifications of the admissions procedure for students with special needs can only be made with a document from a licensed psychologist. The test will be adjusted in accordance with Czech law.

G) For students applying from countries outside the Czech Republic, the school follows the Czech laws concerning examinations for non-native students.

H) Applicants who are exempt from Czech language and literature exam, based on Czech law, and can prove that their level of Czech language is sufficient for high school education will be sent to an outside to source for evulation.



Mgr. Markéta Zeithammerová

tel.: +420 604 736 342



PaedDr. Jana Zbirovská

tel.: +420 734 570 671



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