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Dear parents,

We are proud to bring you the latest SCIS Newsletter (Velikost: 9.39 MB). In this bimonthly periodical, you can find highlights from our Kindergarten, Elementary School, High School, Activities Department, and more.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake only from a manufacturer who has a trade in food products (restaurants, pastry shops, catering ...) with a copy of proof of purchase from confectionery (not baked at home)


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Information about Speech Therapy at SCIS

The speech therapy program at SCIS is opened by speech screening right at the beginning of the school year. Parents of pre-first students are informed about a possibility to register to speech screening by the end of August. The regular speech language therapy usually start in October and terminates at the end of May in the following calendar year.  

In average there are 20 students registered and many of them successfully finish the program with corrected pronunciation. Those who need more practice will be preferentially accepted in the new school year. Mgr. Novotná would like to express a thank you to all parents for their cooperation and for their effort (regular, honest work on correcting the pronunciation of their children and regular visits during the consultation hours). She would like to also say a thank you to teachers for their collaboration and professional approach. 

Mgr. Petra Novotná

Lovecká 246, Kamenice - Ládví, 25168

Telefon: +420 723 837 885

e-mail: artepnovo@seznam.cz

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