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„ Dear Ron, thank you once again for organizing another fantastic group from Sunny Canadian! I hope they all had an amazing time here in Toronto and at CES. We hope you had a good trip back home. It really went too fast, as always, but I wanted to tell you that your upbeat and friendly yet firm management style with the students is much appreciated! We wish all of you well and hope to see some of them again in the future! Yours sincerely,Chris Pink Director of Programs Centre of English Studies - Toronto “
Chris Pink Director of Programs Centre of English Studies - Toronto
Thank you very much for letting us do our research in your beautiful school. We really enjoyed this day at SCIS. We think that your school is exceptional and not only in bilingual education but also in regards to the school environment, which is very pleasant with an extremely friendly atmosphere.
Hana Lafková, project Kinderbanka, November 2018
„ Pavel Taussig “
Pavel Taussig
Eileen Heddy Faculty cordinator Global Student Teaching Program, November 2018
„ The Sunny Canadian International School is an outstanding setting for our students during their overseas practicum. And in this regard, they come home with a clear and definitive understanding of their expectations as they continue their Senior Student teaching experience in the U.S.  It is with the most sincerity that we both would recommend that students strongly consider the opportunity of completing half of their Senior Student Experience with you and even consider the idea of actually teaching at your school. “
Saundra Conte, November 2018
„ Upon returning home, I had the opportunity to share with my colleagues the uniqueness of the global student teaching site in  Prague and in particular  the Sunny Canadian International School.. As you know, while there I observed each of the four students on two occasions,  had post observation conferences with each of them and met with their respective cooperating teachers as well. I continue to be impressed with the professionalism the cooperating teachers bring to the table. Not only are they totally prepared to share their thoughts and observations about their student teacher's teaching performance and professional disposition, I found them to be very nice people. I have always said not all teachers can assume the responsibilities of a cooperating teacher but there is no question Ms. Bek, Ms. McGrath, Ms. Darychuk and Ms. Barta are doing an outstanding job!  I feel very comfortable knowing that our students will be coming home having their experience at the SCIS be viewed as an extension of their professional preparation. My warmest regards to the administration, faculty and staff at SCIS. “
Dr. Anthony E. Conte Associate Professor, Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education (EECE) Coordinator, Student Teaching Program Faculty Counselor, Gamma Zeta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi Field-Site Supervisor, Global Student Teaching The College of New Jersey, October 2018
„ A placement at the Sunny Canadian International School is very popular among our global student teacher candidates - a tribute to you, the faculty, support staff and student body.  Upon their return, our students highly recommend the placement indicating the school culture is very welcoming and the cooperating teachers are very professional and  provide an excellent environment to hone their teaching skills. “
Dr. Anthony E. Conte, Associate Professor, Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education (EECE), The College of New Jersey, September 2018
„ On this occasion I would like to thank for the perfect School in Nature and for the work of all the teachers. I would like to mention especially Ms. Pacak's sensitive approach towards the children. The stay of the kids was without a problem just because of it. I hope that both parties were satisfied. We have hosted a lot of Schools in Nature in our Penzion but your school was a music to the soul.  I hope that Ms. Pacak and her colleagues felt the same. We would like to welcome you again in case that you will be interested. “
Vladimír Šašek, owner - Penzion Pístina, June 2018
„ This was my second time at Sunny Canadian International School, and I accepted the invitation with pleasure. The school’s atmosphere is very pleasant. As an ex-dancer I admire the huge and spacious sports hall, which I can‘t miss on the way to the library. Also, the library is very spacious, well lit, and calm. And I have to say that it is very well equipped. At first sight, the library works well and serves its purpose. I left with a great feeling from both discussions; the kids are inquiring, thoughtful, and they asked me very interesting questions. I listened close to their opinions and ideas, and they inspired me to continue my work for them as a writer and teacher.
Ondřej Hník, writer, April 2017 “
Ondřej Hník, writer, April 2017
„ You are amazing! Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation.

Petra Dobrovská, Director of DOBROVSKÝ s. r. o., April 2017
„ Your school has very kind and friendly atmospehere. The students participated in our very professional discussion and asked great questions. Class teachers and the librarian made the event feel safe and secure. Also, my drivers were very kind. Thank you all.

Jiřina Holeňová, writer, April 2017
„ I have visited Sunny Canadian International School for the first time, invited to a discussion with students. A very well-prepared program has enabled me to get acquainted with the environment for the multi-level education provided by the school. Students, carefully prepared on program, have created a pleasant atmosphere on monday morning. I finally had time yesterday to read the essay from the students on the topic of articles in the Universe. I was pleased with their knowledge and carefulness. “
doc. Ing. Ivan M. Havel, CSc., Ph.D., march 2018
„ Thank you for welcoming us to Sunny Canadian. The experiences that we have had are unforgettable. The school has such a positive atmosphere and we got to learn so much about the Czech culture. The students are extremely bright and we have learned so much from them. They all have such bright futures ahead! The staff were all so kind and clearly work well together. It has been an invaluable experience that we will always remember. Thank you again for this oportunity. “
TCNJ Student Teachers – Ashley Taconet, Karoline Perez and Grace Campbell, march 2018
„ Thank you for your kind words. My visit to your school was very pleasant and enjoyable. Your students and carefully cultivated atmosphere enthralled me. Your students are kind, inquiring, and clever. I really enjoyed the visit and I would like to come again. “
Jitka Neradová, spisovatelka, březen 2017
„ The gym transformed into an operahouse for the Sunny Ball. Big thanks to all who participated in achieving a top notch program with tasty food and an unforgettable atmosphere. The event was just gorgeous. The spring ball was fantastic! The SCIS team did an awesome job!! It looked like everyone had a great time :) I'm aready looking forward to next year’s ball!! I wonder how this team can pull off something this professional and elaborate, even better than any agency. It was really beautiful! As if we were on a magical rainbow meadow of forest fairies and elves. Only the white unicorns were missing. Thank you for a lovely Friday evening. Organizing such an event within six weeks is an incredible task, and the result was so spectacular. Huge thanks to the SCIS team! A beautiful event! Perfectly organized. Respect and huge thanks to all. Incredible work. I would never believe that this can be done in such a short period of time and at such a high level. We loved the event and we can share only very positive feelings. We liked the band so much that we will use them for our events at the Hilton. We absolutely loved it and stayed until the last minute. We loved seeing parents dancing with their children. We absolutely loved the teachers‘ involvement. The ball on Friday was really nice. Pleasant atmosphere, great music, and a rich program. We are still talking about it. Thank you! I was completely stunned. Amazing organization and beautiful decorations. Deep show of gratitude to the organizers of this fantastic event. The spring ball was thought through to the last detail. The ball was really successful and we enjoyed it very much. The concentration of positive energy was really incredible. We look forward to the next ball! Thank you for these beautiful events. We are aware of the work and effort you spend with your colleagues. Your commitment is admirable. It was a wonderful experience. I knew that it would be nice event, but I didn’t expect to shed tears of joy. The action was excellent for both children and adults. Beautiful decor, fantastic organization with a very balanced program, and a beautiful and opulent atmosphere. I very much appreciate the incredible performers and their level of preparation. The dance show was truly amazing. The event is incredibly memorable. The spring ball was an absolutely successful event, "par Excellance!" A great program for students. The surprises kept coming. Sunny Canadian procured amazing flowers and decor in record time. The sports hall was unrecognizable after the students and teachers worked together to transform it with paper flowers and other effects. The music was fantastic, absolutely professional and appropriate for all ages. The catered food and drinks were delicious. The Sunny Ball was a big success despite a really short timetable. I would like to thank you for the excellent organization of the spring ball. It was a beautiful event, at which we were entertained with other mothers. Anyone who did not attend the ball now regrets it after hearing our story. Eli will definitely move forward at Sunny Canadian next year! Once again thank you for a great experience. We thank Jitka Hošková and all at Sunny Canadian School for a truly successful ball. We really enjoyed it. The concentration of positive energy in the ceremony was really amazing. We are already looking forward to the next ball. Thank you for these beautiful events that you organize. We are aware of the conscientious work and effort you devote to your colleagues. Your commitment is admirable. “
Parents about the first ball in SCIS, March 2017
„ We honorably thank you for your subsidy which we received through Sunny Canadian International School's charity event. We highly appreciate that you decided to support exclusively the Czech Union for Nature Conservation. As a small thanks please accept the Commonwealth magazine Beauty our home. I wish to you, your colleagues, and all children at your school a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. “
Martina Kišelová, Koordinátorka sbírek ČSOP, prosinec 2016
„ SCIS Teacher Carrie Brown received the Best Teacher of English Award in 2015 Carrie is exceptional in all areas of professionalism, classroom management, clarity of instruction, communication with parents and the variety of activities in her lessons. She She was instrumental in designing and executing our English Language Learning Programme, which offers intensive and intentional support to students who fall below the classroom standard of English in order to help them succeed in an English immersion curriculum. She drafted the ELL protocol, administered our first student placement assessments, and improved the system each year in our growing school. One of Carrie´s biggest strengths is classroom management. She established clear boundaries and expectations with her students. If students met or exceeded these expectations, she gave positive rewards to incentivize them to continue their excellent behavior. Carrie´s range of activities in her classroom is another one of her teaching strengths. Because Carrie has learned a foreign language herself (Czech), she understands the importance of varying activities in a 45-minute lesson. She regularly met with parents in order to discuss how families may best support their children's progress in English. Carrie genuinely cared about her students' success.
Kate Powers, SCIS Vice Principal for English Studies We are exceptionally lucky to have employed a professional like Ms. Carrie Brown. She believes communication is one of the most fundamental interpersonal skills. She is passionate about finding strengths in each individual and tailoring instruction to their preferred learning styles - using listening, dialogue, visuals, and even providing the opportunity for movement in her well-structured lessons. Carrie's lesson planning and delivery were simply excellent. Carrie uses progressive teaching methods which motivate students to acquire and use English actively in our ever-increasingly globalized world. Carrie is an obviously an expert in teaching English and it is very gratifying to have her as a member of our staff. “
Jitka Stiles, SCIC Principal, Ron Stiles, SCIS Director, 2015
„ SCIS Teacher and Vice Principal Kate Powers received the Best Teacher of English Award in 2013 Kate’s lessons are truly dynamic, interactive, and interesting for herself and her students. She maintains high expectations while differentiating instruction to meet individual needs. Every time I observe a lesson of hers, it is exceptional to see how clear the order and use of routines has been established and how engaged her students are in the lesson. The children love her lessons and are very well behaved under Kate’s positive and respectful interaction and reinforcement systems. Basically Kate is a one of a kind, exceptional teacher of English. Kate is our best English teacher. She is very popular among the children at Sunny Canadian International School. She is friendly, fair, and she is able to maintain discipline in her class. Her lessons are very dynamic and full of positive energy. Kate teaches by playing different games and our children like this a lot. She also uses modern teaching methods, computer technology, various Internet sources, and she is ready to learn new things from her English speaking and Czech colleagues; our bilingual school has the difficult task of linking two curricula and this requires close cooperation between the Czech and the English staff. Kate manages this task perfectly, helping with her professional and human approach to support our original style of teaching. “
Ron Stiles, SCIS Director, Jitka Stiles, SCIC Principal, 2013
„ Thank you very much for the warm welcome to your wonderful school. My visit was a great benefit for all involved, not just the children! We appreciated wholeheartedly the friendly and open-access opportunity to participate actively in class. Also, the presentation about Canada and sweet pancakes after were absolutely delectable!
Feedback on Morning Programme „Canada Days“ “
Mgr. Šárka Kaňkovská, Metodik SPJ, ZŠ Zruč nad Sázavou, Listopad 2016
„ Dear Professor, On behalf of all actors at the Students' Theater, I would like to thank you, your colleagues, and all of your students, for your visit yesterday to our performance of Lakomec at Theater U Hasičů. My students played with gusto. They are to be commended: It was amazing. A big thanks also to the kitchen! I wish you amazing Christmas days and a magic Christmas. “
Za Studentské Divadlo, prof. Václavková, listopad 2016
„ Very impressed with the respectful behavior between students, teachers, and school management. Absolutely incomparable level of English among Sunny Canadian students compared to those in state schools. A teacher who has observed Sunny Canadian International School for the past 4 years has seen unbelievably positive changes. Students speak naturally, easily, and in a relaxed manner; responses are quick and still accurate; no "mental block" from nervousness. One class lesson can cover a huge amount of themes, yet students are engaged and focused. Many teachers would like to return and bring more of their colleagues and students. Grade 9 from Jilove Elementary School will come for Canadian Days (November or December), ES Zruč nad Sazavou. “
Mgr. Stará, Mgr. Jelínková, Mgr. Kaňkovská, I. základní škola Zruč nad Sázavou, November 2016
„ We feel honored to be able to continue our partnership with SCIS.  Everyone at Sunny Canadian is so very welcoming -from the cooperating teachers to the Director’s Assistant to the cafeteria staff. The faculty and staff work hard to make sure our students feel welcome and have all of the resources they need to be successful.  SCIS is such a wonderful place and we are so lucky to be able to send our students there for part of their student teaching semester. The students are having an excellent experience and learning so much from Ms. Tafreshian, Ms. Barta, the rest of the staff and, of course, the children.  We look forward to working with SCIS for many years as we both strive to provide an exemplary, globally minded education for all of our students. “
Eileen Heddy, coordinator of international program from University of New Jersey, February 2017
„ I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, the other members of staff and your wonderful students for making the [visit to Ivy Chimneys School] such a success.  I think it was definitely the best visit yet - certainly in terms of the interaction between the two groups. Everyone at school commented positively on the way that your students conducted themselves - they were so polite, and so confident also in their English. They are a real credit to you and put our language skills to shame! It was a real delight to welcome you all for the day. I hope you had an enjoyable visit this morning, and wish you all a good journey back. I'm sure Andy will be in touch soon with some more penpal letters, photos etc. Looking forward to next year! (And as you said it would be super to encourage more hosting amongst our parents as this certainly seemed to enhance this year's visit) Best wishes. “
Jo Roberts, učitel na Ivy Cimneys School v Eppingu, květen 2016
„ The students at The Sunny Canadian International School, specifically Kate Powers's 8th graders, are some of the most well-educated, articulate, and open-minded children that I have ever spoken to. As a senior at the University of California Berkeley, I left my visit so impressed by all of the students. The curriculum, the students, the faculty, and the facility all exceeded my expectations when told we were going to visit a bilingual school in the suburbs of Prague. During our visit, we were given the opportunity to engage one-on-one with some 8th grade students, asking them basic questions about their lives and culture in the Czech Republic, as well as deep questions about belonging and multiculturalism in the Czech Republic. My student answered all of the questions very intelligently and open-mindedly in perfect English, a language that is not his mother tongue. After my visit, I definitely called my mom and asked her why she never put me in an intensive foreign language course when I was young, because it would have been so useful!! The Sunny Canadian International School is definitely to thank for that, and I am so happy that I was able to see and learn more about the amazing education this school has to offer its students and families. Thank you again for hosting us! “
Katherine Russell, studentka Berkeley, květen 2016
„ Dear Mrs. Hošková, we would also like to thank you very much. Your children were fantastic and believe me, we do not always meet such enthusiastic and cultured competitors and spectators. It was a wonderful experience for us. Say hello to you students for all of here at Sunny Canadian and congratulate them on their winning performance. “
Eva Hadwigerová, asistentka produkce, Březen 2016
„ On behalf of The College of New Jersey, I wish to thank you, Dr. Jitka Stiles, Ms. Vanja Radotic, Mr. Mark Bussey, the entire faculty, staff and students for making my most recent visit to Prague and the Sunny Canadian International School a most productive and pleasant one. Your willingness to host our global student teachers for a portion of their Fall 2015 semester is most appreciated -- they were given a unique opportunity  and the College is very fortunate to have in place a very collegial and collaborative relationship with the SCIS. On Monday, November 2, 2015, the students will be given the opportunity to share their experiences, in a roundtable format, with those students who have expressed a desire to complete a portion of their student teaching globally over the 2016-2017 academic year. I anticipate the presentation will be extremely positive and promote the fact that the SCIS is an outstanding global student teaching site! “
Dr. Anthony E. Conte, Student Teaching Coordinator, 2017
„ I am very sorry that I will not be able to attend your festival -on the occasion of opening a new school building. I appreciate your invitation and I look forward for another occasion. “
Mgr. Bc. Jiří Kabele, MŠMT, odd. středního a vyššího odbor. vzdělávání (srpen 2015)
„ We were in SCIS last week. SCIS girls and boys took up a challenge to be honest with themselves. They talked about various topics such as the roles which they play in society and the masks that cover their true emotions, especially the fears that they are experiencing.They also discussed how they cover their painful and dangerous feelings. However, the children discovered that by being honest about their emotions and feelings, they developed a sense of freedom.This open discussion was at times very frightening for everyone involved, but the final result was  the most satisfying of all. I honestly have to say that we had goosebumps,  very often. Thank you for being so honest! “
Ing. Pavel Michalik (vysokoškolský pedagog, lektor kurzu (, leden 2015
„ Nicole and Veronica have made an excellent transition to SCIS. They have raved about how welcoming your faculty and staff have been and they already feel as though they are truly part of your staff.  They cannot say enough good things about their cooperating teachers, who have made Nicole and Veronica feel important and have treated them as colleagues. They have enjoyed meeting the students and they are enjoying Prague.  The Welcome Week staff induction and teambuilding camp were exceptional for them and it contributed to their effective transition to the school. “
Bob Bartoletti, Podpora vzdělávání učitelů v New Jersey, 2016
„ I would like to say thank you to the School Director and all teachers involved in our visit. I am glad, our future Primary education students had this amazing opportunity. The visit was organised professionally, we enjoyed the welcoming and pleasant environment, tour through the school and received a lot of valuable information about SCIS. We liked the interesting and exciting presentation by the Director and the lessons we observed. We had a chance to observe professional teachers, new methods and a lot of inspiration for our future teaching. After the observed lessons we thoroughly analysed all of them and we had to agree that the quality of instruction was very high. Students liked perfectly prepared lessons, comnunication between the teacher and students, as well as the atmosphere in the classroom. Thank you again for allowing us observe your teachers and we hope to visit SCIS in future. “
PhDr. Jana Stará, PhD. - Observer a studentky 2. ročníku Učitelství pro 1. Stupeň ZŠ, UK (březen 201
„ Sunny Canadian International Elementary School is an impressive project with great environment and over-all quality. We had a chance to observe high quality educational process, meaningful school concept and amazing team of students and teachers at work. We observed an English lesson taught by the best English teacher Kate Powers, the lesson flew smoothly with engaging activities and interesting topics. It was clear that students are used to communicating in English which they performed towards the teacher and with each other. We realised that students of your Elementary school have a great opportunity of language knowledge and the best possible start of their career. We could see them entering international and Czech universities. We are glad we could visit SCIS. For some students this experience changed our view at private schools. “
Studenti UK, obor Učitelství pro 1. Stupeň ZŠ, 2. – 3. ročník, březen 2014
„ I did in Sunny Canadian preventive screening  of children. I would like to say thank you for the excellent and well – organized screenings. I worked in the quiet and comfortable room. The children were very communicative and coopoerated with me. Organization during the screening examination was absolutely great. “
Bc. Vladimír Komenda, Primavizus, March 2014
„ I am sending a piece of students' reflection. It is obvious that students are already able to observe many details and the fact that your teaching process it very close to what we are aiming at the theoretical part of their studies and their future practise. I would like to thank you for letting our students from the second year of Primary Education in and allowing them to observe perfect performances of your teachers. “
PhDr. Helena Hejlová, Ph.D., Katedra primární pedagogiky PedF UK Praha, prosinec 2013
„ I am submitting my impression of your school in writing for possible use in your wonderful newsletter. When I visited your school at the beginning of this September, I was so impressed with the enthusiasm of your teachers, the friendly, upgoing atmosphere and the exceptional campus. The children that attend your school are indeed  fortunate. Of special  interest to me was  the program  that  you  provide  for your  older  students  emphasizing  and  teaching  study  skills. This is unique and surely of great benefit  to your  students.  The small  class  size  was  impressive as  well, clearly allowing for much greater attention to individuals. Your cafeteria and the meals you offer to the children were unlike any meal program I have ever seen. So much variety and served in such pleasant surroundings. I was so pleased to walk through your halls and classrooms and note that each person I passed greeted me with a smile and a warm "Hello." That is not typical in many schools that I have visited and/or worked in. The overall  impression I got was that your staff is happy to be teaching there and have the interest of each child foremost in their minds. The entire visit offered me an opportunity to see fine educators at work providing an excellent  education for all of  the students. “
SSuzanne C. Hofmann, California State Univerity at Northridge, September 2013
„ Your school is quite impressive. The faculty, administration and staff could not have been more welcoming to me. I enjoyed the high quality of instruction I observed and was intrigued by the bilingual nature if your school. I truly believe teachers make the difference and from what I observed, you have a very good staff. Having been a Principal and Administrator of several highly successful schools it did not take long for me recognize your school as a high quality, child-centered and productive school.  What made your school even more impressive is the fact that you are truly growing a school which reflects your positive and child centered philosophy, which is already apparent.  When I visited your 6th grade Science class, the children stood and as I introduced myself  and extended a welcome to me - a respectful touch that other schools seem to have lost along the way.  All the best to you and your staff for continued success in caring for and educating our most precious resource - our children. “
Robert J. Bartoletti, Ed.D., College of New Jersey, September 2013
„ Your school can be extremely proud of having great results. The research could not be concluded better than in SCIS, the climate in your school is excellent and open. I have visited many schools during these research projects and I started to have feeling that the quality is decreasing and students are not interested and behave more often inappropriately, but coming to SCIS cheered up my spirit about schooling and the quality which the school management and teachers perform. I would recommend SCIS as an example school for some that need improvement. “
Robert Herák, koordinátor projektu "POHODA - Klima ve škole", společnost SCIO, listopad 2012
„ The school has an above-average quality, very good and effective management system. Clearly defined competencies of managers with a high degree of freedom and responsibility, space for extra activity supplemented with enormously high work commitment. The vast majority of the school's documentation is sufficient both from the amount of content and quality. Documentation is maintained regularly, systematically, correctly. When checking the documentation by other control authorities often its completeness is more checked than the content, so it can be assumed that other control authorities would not find serious shortcomings. Teaching staff seems to be very helpful, accessible and creative. Checks by ČŠI often prefer not perceive this positive side, and unfortunately focus more on formal assessment of school sites." "What is not written in this positive report, is an extraordinary experience that my visit to your school meant for me. High commitment of all members of management interested in how the school can continue to rise, the energy that can be felt from all the action. Something is always happening, but it is not chaos, it has order, direction. It feels that the top management of school embedded something in the school, but somehow casually, from a distance, no one feels manipulated; I think all perceive the uniqueness of the offer, which they can use. It is gratifying to watch your efforts, especially in comparison with many "dead" principals of public schools. And in two or three years, I will push myself into visiting your school again to see how it is flourishing. Thank you very much for inviting me to your outstanding school! “
PaedDr. Jan Mikáč, externí poradce ve vzdělávání ve zprávě o předinspekční kontrole školy, srpen 201
„ The expected level of achievement in the mathematics must be set up in a way that the child can master it. This is in line with choosing a correct way of motivation by a teacher and student’s inner feeling of solving a task independently by itself. This is an expected enthusiasm which I saw yesterday in an excellent Canadian school called Sunny Canadian, where a student was taught Mathematics in English, and he required additional tasks from the teacher, and was excited that he had solved the first by himself. “
Prof. Milan Hejný, Pedagogická fakulta University Karlovy v interview pro Radiožurnál, leden 2013
„ Prague Film & Theater Center PFTC would like to thank all Sunny Canadian parents for their great support the past few weeks as well as teachers for their hard work and fantastic involvement in the Nutcracker – a timeless classic with beautiful music of Tchaikovsky. The final production in the crowded Jesenice Cultural Center was well worth the effort. We would also like to extend thanks to director Lindsay Stewart, teacher Lauren Barta for her assistance in creating costumes and props, Tatiana Irbis also for costumes, Michael Rowland for scenography, Rachel Mersky for graphic design, Marika Hanušová for the beautiful choreography of the waltz of flowers, all volunteers from PFTC and finally the Sunny Canadian School management for initiating this amazing collaboration on such an interdisciplinary project. Students provided everyone with a nice Christmas gift with this beautiful Christmas musical. This performance of the Nutcracker can definitely be described as one of the highlights of the year. “
Pražské divadelní a filmové centrum (Prague Film& Theater Center: PFTC), prosinec 2011

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