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SCIO results of G 9 national testing

Let us inform you about great results in SCIO testing of our Gr. 9. We belong to 10 % the most succesful tested school (number of tested school is 540) both in Maths and Czech. Great thanks to the teachers working with our students. We are proud of our teachers as well as our students.



Simulations of Unified 4 Year High School Exams

Terms: 19. 10., 9. 11., 7. 12. 2019, 11. 1., 8. 2., 14. 3., 28. 3. 2020 + 8. 2. 2020 EN

You can find the application with information here

Open House (09:00 - 15:00)
Gr 4+5 Parents Info Meeting about 2nd Stage and HS Curricula (4 pm)
Gr 8 and 9 Parents Info Meeting about HS (4 pm–5 pm)
„Pavel Taussig, autor autobiografické knihy Chlapec, který přežil pochod smrti“ - Pavel Taussig, autor autobiografické knihy Chlapec, který přežil pochod smrti
„Thank you to all of you for the trial day in SCIS.It was amasing to see how easily, naturally and quickly Viktorie adapted to the environment in the school.“ - Father of future Kindergarten student, December 2018
„Velice Vám děkujeme za možnost výzkumu ve Vaší krásné škole. Den ve School Canadian jsme si s kolegy náramně užili.“ - Hana Lafková, projekt Kinderbanka, listopad 2018
„I would like to thank you for teaching study skills, what a great idea!“ - Mother of Grade 6 Student, November 2018
„Dopis z TCNJ The College o New Jersey“ - Eileen Heddy Faculty cordinator Global Student Teaching Program, listopad 2018
„The Sunny Canadian International School is an outstanding setting for our students during their overseas practicum.“ - Saundra Conte, November 2018

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