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Newsletter November - December 2018

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Calendar - School Year 2018/2019
Simulated Entrance Examinations to HS

Simulated Entrance Examinations - Czech language and Math:

20.10., 10.11., 8.12. 2018, 12. 1., 9. 2., 16. 3. and 30.3. 2019

Simulated School Entrance Examinations - English : 1.12. 2018

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Open House (09:00 - 15:00)
„Dopis z TCNJ The College o New Jersey“ - Eileen Heddy Faculty cordinator Global Student Teaching Program, listopad 2018
„The Sunny Canadian International School is an outstanding setting for our students during their overseas practicum.“ - Saundra Conte, November 2018
„Milá Zuzko, dnes manžel přinesl domů „tvoření“ našeho syna. Konkrétně mám na mysli knížku Princezna a pirát. Děkuji za tento nádherný nápad. Je to naprosto úžasné.“ - Rodič žáka mateřské školy, září 2018
„A placement at the Sunny Canadian International School is very popular among our global student teacher candidates - a tribute to you, the faculty and support staff.“ - Dr. Anthony E. Conte, Associate Professor, Department of Elementary & Early Childhood Education (EECE), The College of New Jersey, September 2018
„Milá Elyse, děkuji Vám za úžasnou práci s mým synem. Perfektně jste zvládla ho vše naučit. Byl vždy připraven na všechny testy a nepotřeboval se učit navíc doma.“ - Matka studenta 1.A, červenec 2018
„Dear Amanda, I would like to again thank you very much. It was a pleasure to have you as an English teacher this year. Our child became very independent and fluent.“ - Parent of 3B Grade student, June 2018
„Milá Šárko a Jitko, veliké díky za vždy skvěle zorganizované "párty", kdy vše bylo vždy více než perfektní.“ - Maminka žáka ze 3.B, červen 2018
„Dear Aneta, thank you very much for your wonderful teaching this year, for guiding the children to be more independent, and for your active and innovative lessons.“ - Mother of 3B Grade student, June 2018

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For safety reasons, we ask parents to strictly follow the traffic regulations and to adhere to the ‘do not enter’ sign in the front car park. We also ask parents to not enter and stop at the entrance of this car park. These rules are in place to ensure the safety of our students and we want to avoid road traffic accidents at every cost. Thank you very much for your cooperation.