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Sunny Summer camps

5.8. - 9.8. 2024 English-Czech Language Camp (Gr1 - Gr 5)

12.8. - 16.8. 2024 Outdoor Camp (Gr1 - Gr 5)

19 - 23 Aug 2024 Adaptation week for future first graders

There are no events in next 7 days.
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Elementary School

Our bilingual elementary school is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport as well as Cambridge International Examinations, delivering curriculum in both Czech and English from Grade 1. In this natural format, students keep up with their education in both languages and therefore are exempt from regular state examinations in Czech language. English is not limited only to the classroom walls but functions as a regular communication tool, opening doors to the world. Students add a third language of study starting in Grade 3. Our modern school building has a huge outdoor play area and is in close proximity to a Pruhonicky park providing endless opportunity for outdoor learning and exploration. Our team of professionals is composed of fully qualified teachers, many of whom are at the top of their fields. Second stage lessons are taught by high school teachers. The school cooperates with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Sunny Canadian International School students communicate fluently in English and regularly celebrate the culture and traditions of English-speaking countries.



  • High quality bilingual education

  • Accreditation by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MŠMT) and Cambridge International Examinations (CIE)

  • Qualified native speakers and Czech teachers in each class

  • Participation in the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

  • A third language of study from grade 3 (French or German)

  • Support of logical thinking and Maths classes in co-operation with the team of professor Hejný  

  • Motivation of children by number of lectures and discussions with well-known Czech and foreign specialists and writers  

  • Excellent results in SCIO tests, science and math competitions, German and French Olympiads

  • Support of individual giftedness

  • Student´s Assemblies

  • Imaginative and modern environment  

  • Development of talent and giftedness from kindergarten age, support of natural human curiosity    

  • A variety of study materials, dynamic study environment, science labs with number of plants and animals in the care of students,  biology, physics and chemistry labs

  • Numerous activities and selected classes outside

  • Biannual Schools in Nature focussed on sports 

  • Sightseeing trips abroad (e.g. Poland, Germany)

  • The possibility to be awarded a stipend based not only on academic results    

  • The possibility of taking English language exams PET, KET, FCE, CAE and TOEFL, as well as German and French exams     

  • The opportunity to advance to our 4 year high school having the same concept

  • Familiarization with Czech and Canadian culture

  • A wide offer of sports, educational, and artistic extracurricular activities

  • Regular participation of students in sports tournaments and competitions (e.g. Kinn-ball, handball, basketball, floorball, soccer, and extreme obstacle runs)

  • Morning and Afternoon school clubs

  • Our own school bus

 School Education Program - Elementary School (Velikost: 2.5 MB)

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