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Sunny Summer camps

5.8. - 9.8. 2024 English-Czech Language Camp (Gr1 - Gr 5)

12.8. - 16.8. 2024 Outdoor Camp (Gr1 - Gr 5)

19 - 23 Aug 2024 Adaptation week for future first graders

There are no events in next 7 days.
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Kindergarten "Learning with Joy"

Sunny Canadian Kindergarten  opens doors to the future. 

The Czech - Canadian bilingual kindergarten, Sunny Canadian International School, is for children from 2 to 6 years old. You will find nine kindergarten classes in the state-of-the-art Sunny Canadian school complex in a healthy and monitored environment close to Průhonicky Park. 

Sunny Canadian offers a unique connection of individual educational levels (kindergarten - elementary school - high school), i.e. from kindergarten to graduation.

We develop children’s:

  • Independence
  • Cooperation and empathy
  • Creative thinking and dexterity
  • Physical activity and fitness
  • Bilingual communication skills
  • Intellectual skills
  • Joy of learning

The school‘s educational program is based on the requirements of the Framework Educational Program for Kindergarten, defining the development of pre-school education in the Czech Republic. The curriculum is combined with the proven and progressive curriculum of the Canadian province of Alberta which is, based on pedagogical research, considered one of the best for preschool education.

You can expect:

  • An individual approach to children’s learning
  • A maximum of 14 children per class
  • Both an English and Czech teacher in the classroom
  • Teaching in English, which gradually becomes a completely natural language for children
  • Support of logical thinking and teaching mathematics according to the method of Professor Hejny
  • Creative games - polytechnic education (learning about production technologies of individual materials and working with them)
  • Learning through experience and play
  • Outdoor lessons
  • Continuous assessment of children's progress, and individual meetings with parents
  • Quality preschool preparation in both Czech and English
  • Recognition and development of gifts and talents through meaningful activities and challenges
  • Work with the child's portfolio which is used to record individual progress and self-assessment of a child's own success
  • Thematic school trips
  • A wide range of afternoon sports, music, art, creative and language activities
  • A balanced and varied diet
  • Swimming lessons
  • Winter and spring trips
  • School bus 

English - Our Native Language…

  • Qualified native speakers teaching
  • Use of Jolly Phonics program (method with the work of 42 sounds of the English language and their subsequent connection into words in both written and spoken speech)
  • English environment developing the child's language skills and basic habits
  • Thematic teaching projects in English

How we learn:

  • Through activities in the form of games supporting creativity, imagination and curiosity
  • By building on already acquired knowledge and skills
  • Through children’s own experience
  • In both large and small group activities which support team skills
  • Through discussions and lectures with experts and interesting personalities

We all know each other here…

  • Stimulating family environment
  • Open and friendly communication between parents, children and teachers
  • Events for parents with children (workshops, art workshops, class presentations, etc.)

We learn in nature…

  • We know the laws of living and non-living nature
  • We grow vegetables, fruits, etc. in school flower beds
  • We go to Průhonice park, only 500m away from the school

And more …

Since 2016, Sunny Canadian Kindergarten has been closely cooperating with Museum Říčany. We joined the project “Specialized Mentoring in Science and Polytechnics” and within this project, the methodology of Creative Play is developed. Four teachers from our Kindergarten are already involved in this project that develops children’s’ ability to think creatively and create.

We have extracurricular activities...

  • A wide range of extracurricular activities led by our teachers and external instructors
  • Includes: dance, science, sports, logic games, cooking, flute, yoga, piano, inline skating, ball games and many more

If you’re interested in enrolling your child, do not hesitate to stop by and visit the Kindergarten.

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