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„ SCIS is a fantastic school. Relationships between teachers and students are excellent - teachers have our respect, but they also have respect for us. We can talk to them in a normal way. Our teachers are from different countries - we learn a lot of interesting things about some of the countries where they are from, for instance,Australia and Ireland just to name a couple. We learn a lot, especially language learning is great. Teachers manage to teach in an interesting and engaging way, while using an individual approach. Classroom management is very good. When I graduate, I will feel like a member of this school, and feel as though I am part of a community. Students at this school are positive and cheerful (no one is sad orpessimistic). We are glad that we have the opportunity tobe a part ofan international IGCSE graduating class - I think it is very important for me in the future. Students follow rules here, they have  discipline and a strong moral compass. Teachers and all staff are very nice and helpful, I feel like I have somebody to rely on; I feel as though we're all one big family here. The quality of teaching and the style of our teacher‘s work is high. Classrooms, corridors and all facilities are beautiful. We are the perfect team here, we have perfect people in the class.     “
Interview with 9 grade students during Admission Procedure for our High School, April 2018
„ About my school – Sunny Canadian International School
For several years I searched for a school like Sunny Canadian International School. One day I met Sunny representatives at the secondary school exhibition Schola Pragensis in Prague. My parents met the principal and were very excited about the school. A few days later they told me that I could try a "Trial day" at Sunny Canadian. I was excited but also nervous. When I arrived at the school, I was welcomed with enthusiasm and kindness, and I felt better. I found that this school is different from other schools - the atmosphere at the school is relaxed. The lessons are held in Czech and English. The teachers are friendly but try to teach students as much as possible. The style of learning at this school is very entertaining. Even if you have your least favorite subject, you enjoy the lesson. The teamwork in my class is exceptional. Even if you do not know anyone, they accept you among themselves, like you would have known them for a long time. About two months after the trial day I became a student of ninth grade at Sunny Canadian International School. Because I love sport, I appreciate very much the involvement of schools in various sports competitions. I am very happy that I decided to go to Sunny Canadian and I hope that I will continue here at the high school too. “
Grade 9 student, January 2018
„ I like the freedom we get like being asked for our opinion. I like her ability to explaining and interpret things. I also like analyzing poems or stories and explaining every detail why the author wrote it in that way. Her classes are interesting and I enjoy them. I like that she tries to make teaching as much fun as possible. I like her teaching method – it feels like we are in High School. She knows what she is talking about and can explain things very well, it is not only a boring speech, but she involves us in the conversation. She is very fine and patient teacher. She is a great teacher and we have a great time with her. She is a good teacher. When I ask her a question, she explains it very well and I understand it more.
February 2017 “
1. pololetí 2016/2017, hodnocení předmětu / učitele, Cindy Walker, učitelka angličtiny, očima žáků 9
„ She is the best English teacher at our school. When you do not understand the topic she always helps you.
She is a great and fair teacher. She is strict in a good way. Thanks to her I managed to take the FCE test. She is the best English teacher I have ever had. Her lessons are full of fun.
February 2017 “
1. pololetí 2016/2017, hodnocení předmětu/učitele Kate Powers, učitelka angličtiny, očima žáků 9. Ro
„ My children have been in your school only a few months, since September 1, 2016. I had absolutely no knowledge of the English language. After three months, they are now able to understand and express themselves in English to our family abroad. This is mostly because of the professional teaching skills and teaching program that Ms. Powers developed for them. I want to express my gratitude and respect for her teaching abilities.
Father of students of grade 3 and 5 We are pleased that Ms. Kate Powers teaches our son. She is demanding, strict, but also a kind and fair teacher. She supports students´ uniqueness and she can appreciate excellent academic results as well as good behavior in a way that greatly motivates students to achieve even better results.
Mother of student of grade 5 I was at a public school before I joined Sunny Canadian International School. I did not speak English, and my math grades were horrible. My public school teacher used to demean me in front of the class when I did not answer her questions correctly. She was very tense and would shout at me when I did not understand what she was explaining in class and asked questions. I used to go home from school in tears and not wanting to return the next day. It was difficult for me and my parents. Then my parents admitted me to Sunny Canadian where Ms. Powers was my teacher. I immediately admired the relaxed atmosphere in her class and I slowly regained my self-confidence. She was very patient with me, gave explanations in a respectful way when I did not understand, and rewarded me for even small improvement. Her classes are fun. Ms. Powers never shouted at me or punished me in front of the class. But she always pushed me to do better and better. I learned English quickly, and even my Math grades improved considerably. My performance overall got much better. I started to want to do better to please Ms. Powers and my parents, and myself. Now I like to go to school and I look forward to it every day. I even ask my parents to leave me there after the regular school hours!
SCIS student of grade 5 “
Učitelka a zároveň zástupkyně pro anglická studia Kate Powers získala v roce 2013 ocenění Nejlepší u
„ Thank you for these awesome 5 years. I learned a lot! have learned many things from you. The most important one was that a class can be a family, despite their ups and downs. You have been the first teacher I ever actually liked. Thank you for making my life better (even though you might not realize it). Honestly your classes have the highest level I can imagine. You are the best English teacher I have ever had! Thanks to you I learned English well and I am very thankful for that. I do not want any English teacher other than you because you are really amazing and your classes were always fun and easy to understand. I have had you as a teacher for 5 years, so I consider you as the father of my ability to speak English. I always enjoy your lessons because you use everyday life experiences that improve the lesson. I have never had a trouble to understand what you were teaching. I liked how you taught. You really tried to get us interested. You are always enthusiastic, helpful, sincere, caring, kind, friendly, smart, entertaining and funny. I learned a lot of things from you, you inspired me to be a better person. You were like my father. I could visit you all the time and ask for a help. You can explain everything and you are here for us. If we don´t understand something, you always try to say that in different way. People really like you. I liked that you took everyone independently, we had best discussing classes. The way you taught was interesting and really educative. I learned lots of things for future: about families, how government works and lots and lots more. Honestly: You made my life extraordinary. Thank you for everything you did for me. Thank you for teaching me good English. Thank you that I could spend time with you. I think that you were, are and will be the best teacher in the world. I will never forget your style of teaching, jokes, willingness, you as a person and your good heart. I will honestly miss you.
9 Grade Students, June 2016 “
Evaluation of American teacher leaving after 5 years in SCIS, June 2016
Students of Kamenný Přívoz Primary School, November 2014
„ 11st of November 2013 was in the spirit of visits. Our class 9.B visited Sunny Canadian International School in Jesenice-Osnice which is Czech-Canadian school with new bilingual High School. They learn 50% in Czech and 50% in English. We were invited to come to Sunny Canadian school as a part of our project day about Canada. The school vice-principal shown as around the school that is modern and welcoming. We were watching English math lesson in 6th grade led by Mr. Larry Leifeste from Texas. We liked our lunch, pasta salad and pancaked with maple sirup. Yummy. We had another interactive lecture by Mr. Ron Stiles from Canada and we were also tested our new knowledge about Canada. The last lesson was taught by Mr. Clive Allen from Ireland. All lectures and lessons were in English only. English native speaking teachers know Czech only limitedly or not at all. We had a chance to try how good is our English and how this way of learning would suit us. We had to admit that students who are three years younger than us had brilliant English. We agreed that this school would be perfect for those who like English and would like to study it in future. We enjoyed the visit very much. “
žákyně 9.B z fakultní jesenické školy, listopad 2013

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