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SCIS Newsletter

Dear parents,

We are proud to bring you the latest SCIS Newsletter (Velikost: 9.39 MB). In this bimonthly periodical, you can find highlights from our Kindergarten, Elementary School, High School, Activities Department, and more.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake only from a manufacturer who has a trade in food products (restaurants, pastry shops, catering ...) with a copy of proof of purchase from confectionery (not baked at home)


We will cook
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MORAL INTELLIGENCE, let's not lose humanity

Author Zdeněk Mahler introduced his e-book about man, his morals and true value of human life on his discussion for IX. B and High school classes.


WRITER IVONA BŘEZINOVÁ, discussion about addictions

On Tuesday 14.11. our school welcomed a well-know writer Ivona Březinová. Our pupils had the opportunity to discuss serious problems of various types of addictions, such as drugs, diets or so called netholism.


IVANA PEROUTKOVÁ visits our school on Wednesday 27.9

Pupils and teachers of grades III., IV. and V. from our school have the opportunity to meet and discuss with the writer Ivana Peroutková.


School Library

The library, situated in the most beautiful part of the school, was founded in 2015. It provides an area to read fictional and educational books in two languages, Czech and English. In addition, it provides studying tables and space for relaxation. Textbooks are also available in the library.    

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